New Year Brings New Science Envoys

Last month the State Department announced the fourth cohort of Science Envoys.  First started in 2009, the Envoys are notable senior scientists (often with science administration experience) who represent the United States overseas with governments and citizens to support scientific exchange and cooperation.  This cohort of four brings the total number of Science Envoys to 13 (while I won’t rule out previous Science Envoys returning to service on special occasions, there seems to be a term of service attached to the position).

Two of the new cohort served in senior scientific positions in the Obama Administration.  The four new Envoys are:

  • Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D. – several appointments at Baylor and Rice Universities, including Dean of Baylor’s National School of Tropical Medicine.  Dr. Hotez will focus on global health and vaccines in his service.
  • Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D. – University Distinguished Professor of Marine Biology at Oregon State University.  Dr. Lubchenco served as Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from 2009-2013.  The ocean will be a focus of her service.
  • Arun Majumdar, Ph.D. – Appointments at Stanford’s Precourt Institute and its Mechanical Engineering Department.  Dr. Majumdar served as head of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy and as Acting Undersecretary of Energy during President Obama’s first term.  His service will focus on energy and innovation.
  • Geraldine Richmond, Ph.D. – Chair and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon.  Richmond will become the next president of AAAS at its annual meeting next month.  Her service will focus in part on women in science.

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