More Science & Technology Entertainment For The Curious – Crash Course, New Atlantis, CuriosityStream

Elementary continues to incorporate science and technology issues (and people) into its storylines (the last two episodes involved a drug trial and forging rare plants).  However, the television is not the most reliable source for such content.

One former network head seems to be trying.  John Hendricks, who founded the Discovery channel (and retired from the now-sprawling family of networks in 2014), is developing a streaming service focused on science and nature content.  Called CuriosityStream, it’s scheduled to premiere in March.  Offerings will include both original programming and science content from providers like BBC Worldwide, Terra Noa, Japanese channel NHK and France’s ZED.

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, has started an online astronomy show.  Called Crash Course Astronomy, it’s part of the stable of educational programs developed by Hank and John Green.  The brothers have been creating online educational videos since 2007 and were given a Google grant to continue their work back in 2011.  Now they fund their efforts through subscriptions.  However, the Astronomy program has been helped into existence through a partnership with PBS Digital Studios.  Here’s episode one.

Finally, there is a new theatrical production called New Atlantis in London worth checking out.  It runs through the 25th.  Set in the year 2050, the play focuses on efforts to address London’s water shortages.  A special part of this production is the involvement of several scientists in the immersive production.  You could literally ask a scientist or engineer about some aspect of the play as it is happening.  New Atlantis is part of a series called Enlightenment Cafe, which has tackled projects with science and/or engineering knowledge before.



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