Meanwhile, In National And International Library News

Two notes on libraries:

In November the U.N. Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) announced a partnership with Roche and Nature Education on the World Library of Science (H/T Scirens).  The library is an online resource for science education, intended to make it easier for those without other access to this information.  While UNESCO will dedicate resources to educating students and teachers in economically disadvantaged regions, anyone will be able to access the library for educational, non-commercial purposes.

Besides the science knowledge (predominantly biological resources, from what I can tell), the library can also be a means of connecting with other registered users.  That can be done one-on-one or through established groups.

The Digital Public Library of America released its latest strategic plan.  Since opening in 2013 the library has grown its collection to 8 million items (from 2 million), more than doubled the number of participating institutions, and otherwise growing its digital operations.  For 2015-2017 the major emphases for the library will be infrastructure, technology, and outreach.  It intends to expand its hub network to all fifty states so that all collections that want to can be accessed via the library.  It plans to diversify its collection, which is still quite heavy on public domain items of printed and visual media.  eBooks, audiovisual media, and non-printed items come with their own challenges for digital archiving.  Metadata and rights statements are also important parts of a fully-fledged digital library, and are part of the strategic plan.  Technology needs to be streamlined, while maintaining (or improving) its accessibility and usability.  Finally, more people, classrooms and institutions need to learn about the library and what it can do for them.  One such outreach tool will be the second DPLA Fest, which will move around the country later this year.


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