Weekend Science TV Action: MythBusters and Slingshot Promotion

Tomorrow the latest season of MythBusters premieres on Discovery in the United States.  The show has been advertising itself as MythBusters 2.0, and it’s not just because the Build Team of Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara will no longer be on the program (I, for one, miss them already).  As this promotional video indicates, the show has decided to focus on fewer myths per episode and spend more time showing their work.

Long-time viewers of MythBusters may be thinking to themselves that the earliest episodes of the program also spent more time with each myth, or at least more time in the shop on the builds and tests and the mistakes.  I think that’s (mostly) accurate, but the advances in camera technology and the new animations should add something extra to the show.  As someone who often will have MythBusters on in the background while doing other things, I think the new format will force me to watch closer.

Also of interest on the television this weekend is Dean Kamen, the man behind several inventions, and the FIRST robotics competition.  He will be on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss, amongst other topics, the Slingshot water purification device and the documentary on it traveling the country.  I am guessing that the segment will be in the latter half of the show, but in case you miss it, video should be available next week.  You can watch a trailer for the documentary, which is as much about Kamen as it is about Slingshot.


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