Neil Tyson To Break Into Late Night

Neil DeGrasse Tyson appeared today at the Television Critics Association presentations in California.  He announced that National Geographic will air a late night science-themed talk show hosted by Tyson, first airing sometime in April (H/T The Mary Sue).  Shooting begins January 8.  It will air weekly, and I intend to include it in the regular late night postings once it starts.

The program, called Star Talk, will be based on the podcast Tyson hosts of a similar name, Star Talk Radio.  That podcast, available online and on several radio stations, typically involves interviews of scientists, engineers, comedians and other entertainers.  It’s a pretty loose program, especially with its live shows.  (Comedians can’t help but perform in front of an audience.)

Elements of the show are still in the works – which seems odd for a show starting shooting so soon.  The program will tape live each week at the Hayden Planetarium (where Tyson serves as Director) at the American Natural History Museum in New York City.  Other elements will be added, including a weekly commentary from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

To get some sense of what the show might look like, you can watch some of the episodes on the Nerdist YouTube channel.  They were first posted in 2012 and 2013.  Focus on those episodes taped before an audience to get what might be the best reflection of this future show.

I guess this *really* means a second season of COSMOS won’t happen any time soon.


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