What About The Data? Make Suggestions to Science

In the latest editorial for Science, Editor-in-Chief Marcia McNutt talks about data.  As part of a story about the value of sharing data, McNutt notes that Science is looking for suggestions about data repositories.  Specifically,

“In 2015, we want to work with authors and readers to identify which of those repositories Science should promote because they are well managed, have long-term support, and are responsive to community needs.”

McNutt goes on to list other data-related goals Science has for the new year, including work on data visualization and alternatives for datasets too large for repositories.

I think this is encouraging.  Given my support of open access on this blog, you might not be surprised that I am skeptical of how much a major publisher like Science can get behind promoting the availability of data repositories.  After all, the publishing community, in response to the Administration’s efforts to expand open access, has resisted following the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy and been almost silent on the research data part of the open access push (CHORUS, the major publishers’ response to the effort, is silent on this component).


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