Culture Corner Update – MythBusters MegaMarathon, Rap Guide To Religion Extended

First,  managed to miss a repeat of note for this week’s science and technology guest post.  Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, was back on with Seth Meyers Monday night.

Also connected to Monday’s science and technology post is the current MythBusters marathon on The Science Channel.  It started early this morning and will run for nearly 10 days.  That’s right, if you’ve ever missed an episode of MythBusters the next week and a half will allow you to catch up (at least until Hulu picks up the show for streaming next month).

Finally, the run of The Rap Guide to Religion has been extended – again.  It starts back at The Soho Playhouse for several dates in January and February.  By the time this extension ends, Baba Brinkman’s latest off-Brodway run will last over four months.  As with his previous works, this Rap Guide is a scientific exploration of the phenomenon of religion.

Merry Christmas (Eve), everyone.

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