Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 22

With Christmas coming fast, many shows are off now, and all of them will air repeats (or be pre-empted) for at least part of this week and next.

However, looking at both the repeats and the new episodes this week, I’m at a loss for any guest that would fit this bill.  I’m hard press to think of the last time this happened, so it’s likely been a while.

Given last week’s departures, some schedule changes of note.  Comedy Central is pre-empting its programs this week and next.  Come January 5th, we’ll have the temporally confusing situation where @midnight will air at 11:30 for two weeks, returning to midnight on the 19th.  That is the evening The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore will start.  The Colbert Report should still be available online for the near future (the first four episodes have been online for a while).  I hope Comedy Central keeps the videos online for a while, or that they find a home somewhere.  That’s a library of material that shouldn’t disappear into the ether.

The Late Late Show is in repeats until January 5th with recently departed host Craig Ferguson.  There will be a series of guest hosts until March 23rd, when James Corden takes over.  If the first two weeks announced guests are any indication, the program will become more ordinary, and with much fewer science and technology bookings.

The light in this tunnel is MythBusters, scheduled to return in January for its first batch of episodes with just Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage hosting the program.  This appears to mean more building and construction leading to the experiments and explosions we have come to know and love.


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