Broadway Premiere Of Constellations Garners Sloan Support

When I’ve written about the Sloan Foundation’s support of science and technology themed theater, it’s been about commissioning works.  So when I first heard from the World Science Festival about the January 15 premiere of Constellations (which includes a post-performance discussion with Brian Greene and playwright Nick Payne), I thought it was a new work.

I just don’t go to the (non-movie) theater much.

Not only is Constellations not new (just new to the U.S.), Sloan did not commission the work or support Payne when he developed it.  The play premiered in London back in 2012.  The Foundation is supporting the American run at the Manhattan Theatre Club.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson will star in this production.  Wilson’s character is a theoretical physicist, and is falling in love with Gyllenhaal’s character.  The multiverse plays a part in the film, but critics are mixed as to whether it is or isn’t a good comparison to the films “Sliding Doors” or “Groundhog Day.”  Much more would be spoilers, I think.

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