More Confirmation News

In what passes for a breakthrough, the Senate managed to pass a controversial nominee for the position of Surgeon General.  Vivek Murthy was confirmed as the newest Surgeon General, roughly 13 months after he was nominated and nearly a year and a half after his predecessor stepped down.

While his age (37) may have given Senators cause to balk at confirming him, Murthy’s statements on guns – that gun violence should be considered a public health concern – brought strong opposition courtesy of the National Rifle Association.  The logjam on Murthy’s nomination (and the nominations of others) broke as a result of complicated procedural wrangling that the Senate seems to prefer to passing legislation.

Murthy has said in advance of his confirmation that he intends to focus on obesity while Surgeon General.  That will likely not dissuade those concerned about any effort to regulate guns, and if the NRA carries through on its threats, Senators that supported the confirmation will be targeted by the organization when they are next up for election.


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