Administration Looks In The Ranks For Next NIST Leader

While he was nominated back in July, Dr. Willie May, the nominee for Director of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), was placed on the Senate calendar for his confirmation vote just yesterday.  There remains a significant backlog of nominees awaiting confirmation, so it’s quite possible Dr. May might start over with the new Congress.  As he’s currently serving as acting head of NIST, it would make sense if May’s nomination is lower on the list.

(Besides removing the acting from his current title, if confirmed, May would also serve as Commerce Undersecretary for Standards and Technology.)

Like his predecessor, Patrick Gallagher, May has extensive experience as an employee of NIST.  He has been associate director for laboratory programs since 2011, and has worked for NIST since 1982, mainly in chemistry and biology measurement services.


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