Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 8

There are two weeks left for both The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Colbert Report.  While listings for Ferguson’s program have clearly indicated an effort to bring back favorite guests, there has not been a similar trend with the Report.  It is possible, however, that return visits by favorite guests may not be publicized.  So I’m pulling for Neil deGrasse Tyson to come see Stephen one last time (before CBS, anyway).  I just don’t know when it will happen.  (Heck, with an unannounced guest for Thursday as of this writing, it could be this week.)

There aren’t that many repeats this week, but one of note is Isabella Rossillini’s latest appearance promoting her theatrical and film work involving animals.  That will be on late Friday night with Carson Daly.

In a break from tradition, we lead off with The Talk.  The show’s tech correspondent, Chi-Lan Lieu, was scheduled to appear on today’s program (Monday).  Alan Alda will appear Tuesday, primarily to promote his current Broadway play.  However, with the latest edition of The Flame Challenge just introduced, talk on The Talk might turn to the contest.

Later on Tuesday The Daily Show offers a double shot of science and technology guests.  Kathryn Bigelow is on to discuss her new short film, which covers ivory poaching.  Juan Zarate will talk about financial warfare, a focus of his current book.  As Bigelow’s film also touches on how the funds from ivory poaching support terrorists, there may be some synergy between the two guests.  Come Thursday, Kunal Nayyar returns for his last visit with Craig Ferguson.  He plays one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory.

In my perennial effort to catch up on several late night programs, I point readers to the November 12 edition of The Colbert Report, where Stephen spent a segment covering advances in civilian drone applications and the fears of Tesla CEO Elon Musk over how artificial intelligence may doom us all.


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