Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 1

Some programs opted to go with repeats this week rather than last.  Repeats of note are Friday’s Late Night episode, which is a repeat of neuroscientist (and Big Bang Theory actress) Mayim Bialik’s latest appearance.  Later that same night you can catch a repeat of Megan Amram’s appearance on Carson Daly’s program.  Amram is a comedy writer and has written a science textbook that spoofs women’s magazines, Science…For HER! 

In new programs this week, there is a Mike Rowe sighting.  He will appear on the Queen Latifah program tomorrow (Tuesday).  The Comedy Central shows have apparently run through their election guests, as they have science guests this week.  The head of Doctors Without Borders, Sophie Delauney, appears with Jon Stewart on Tuesday.  Interstellar director Christopher Nolan will appear with Stephen on Wednesday night.  The Talk‘s tech correspondent, Chi-Lan Lieu is on the program Friday.

In the sort-of category we have Dominic Monaghan.  I do not know if there’s another run of episodes in his wildlife series, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.  If a new season is coming soon, I would expect it would be brought up tonight (Monday) when Dominic cuts loose with Craig Ferguson.

As usual, I am behind with the Comedy Central programs.  There were segments in the November 6 edition of The Colbert Report worth passing along.  In light of Senator James Inhofe’s likely ascension to chair the Environment and Public Works Committee, there were two science related segments that night (and a science writer for a guest, Steven Johnson).  One focused on the new fad of Members of Congress citing a lack of scientific knowledge when asked to comment on matters of policy that interact with science.  Another was the latest edition of Cheating Death, a semi-regular segment of the program.  It reported on a study on aging and a struggle over Chilean water quality.


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