Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 10

Before I dive into the listings for the week, I’ll remind folks to check out yesterday’s post, which focused on Kevin Delaney.  Delaney is a scientist and science demonstrator who has made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show, and may be the first of a group that show may feature.  Here’s a web exclusive segment with Delaney.

A tip of the hat to Last Week Tonight, on HBO, which finished its first season yesterday.  A high percentage of each program is available on YouTube, and it’s an excellent way to catch up.  The show follows it’s Comedy Central forebears in occasionally featuring science and technology content.  Yesterday it was a salmon cannon.  The program will return in February.

There are still some late night bookings connected to Interstellar, which premiered in the U.S. over the weekend.  John Lithgow will be on Late Night tonight (Monday) and Jessica Chastain will visit Conan on Wednesday.  In other science-themed films, Eddie Remayne, who plays Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, will sit with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.  Felicity Jones, who plays Jane Hawking, Stephen’s first wife, was on with Jimmy last Tuesday night.

In other listings, Steven Johnson continues to promote How We Got To Now with an appearance on Carson Daly’s program late Tuesday night.  On Wednesday, Terence Tao, math professor at UCLA and recent recipient of the Breakthrough Prize, will put up with Stephen Colbert’s innumeracy for 5-7 minutes.  With Craig Ferguson wrapping up his late night run, listings for him have been announced through December 19.  Many of his favorites are returning for a final visit.  This week the science and technology guest is Simon Helberg, who plays an engineer on The Big Bang Theory.  He chats with Craig on Thursday.