Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 27

While you can count on the Comedy Central shows to continue covering the Ebola cases in the United States (The Daily Show is coming from Austin, Texas this week, so it might hit that state’s efforts hard), there are few additional opportunities to catch science and technology content this week.

Michael Lewis is making the rounds this week, with appearances on The Colbert Report (Tuesday) and Late Night with Seth Meyers (Wednesday).  Lewis’s last book focuses on high frequency trading, though his appearances may focus on one of his earliest books, Liar’s Poker, which does not cover science or technology (unless you count the creation of markets as something like the building of technology).

Perhaps things will improve next week, with the U.S. premiere of Interstellar, the Christopher Nolan film involving the migration of the species to a new planet.  I would expect some (more) publicity for the film then.


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