The First Comics To Mars Will Be Strips

Readers might recall that I like comic strips.  So does Uwingu, a private organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and research.  (Note – I donated $100 to Uwingu back in 2012, and am therefore listed as a supporter at the Founder level.  I received a small token of appreciation at the time, but do not now gain anything from the association.)

Uwingu likes comic strips so much they want to send a few to Mars as part of the Beam Me To Mars event.  November 28 marks the 50th anniversary of the first space mission to Mars, and Uwingu is raising funds by offering to send radio messages to Mars.  Stephen Pastis will send the first comic strip, from his Pearls Before Swine.  The strip ran earlier this month.

Uwingu has suggested that other strips will be sent to the red planet, but I’ve seen no indication of what strips will receive the honor.  If you have your own drawing, voice or music recording that you want to send, that’s certainly possible (if it’s small enough).


One thought on “The First Comics To Mars Will Be Strips

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