Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 20

Several late night programs are in repeats this week.  If you missed it the first time around, Terry Gilliam’s appearance on The Colbert Report re-airs Tuesday night.  Gilliam’s latest film, The Zero Theorem, follows a computer programmer trying to find the meaning of life through his work.  That same program also has a segment on the app Checky.  The same night on The Daily Show you can re-watch Stephen Johnson’s recent appearance.  His innovation series, How We Got To Now, is in its second week on your local PBS station.

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder leads off the list of new programs.  He’ll be on with Jimmy Kimmel tonight (Monday).  Krysten Ritter is scheduled to sit with Craig on Tuesday.  She is the lead of Mission Control, a freshly cancelled new comedy program set at a NASA launch facility in the 1960s.  Should she still appear with Mr. Ferguson, it might get really interesting.

On to the non-guest content.  On September 30, The Colbert Report documented Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s complicated relationship with science.  On the same night, the program poked fun at a study about the health benefits of pessimism.  As you might imagine, both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show have dealt with the Ebola situation in the U.S., and the coverage of same, for a few weeks.  There are really too many segments to include here.  Simply search for the show title plus Ebola in your search engine, and the shows websites will give you plenty to choose from.


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