A Means To Sift Through The Ebola Noise – Ebola Deeply

Given the difficulty this country is having in following protocol with Ebola cases, having tools to provide context and to sift through the sensationalism is pretty important.  Thanks to Alexis Madrigal and his Five Intriguing Things list, I found out about Ebola Deeply.

The site is part of a larger digital journalism effort called News Deeply.  The focus is providing digitally curated collections of news, background information and other context.  For instance, with Ebola Deeply you can see a case map (hey, Americans, we currently have less than 0.05 percent of the total cases in this outbreak), glossary, collections of medical reports, stories of survivors, a history of the virus (and attempts to eradicate it), and basics about the virus (which likely need to be repeated…daily).

A side note – actor Jeffrey Wright is one of the advisors for Ebola Deeply.  His other connections with the virus include producing a video on people affected by Ebola as well as his work in Africa connected to his nonprofit.  He is particularly interested in filling in gaps in Western media coverage of the virus, so I’m not surprised to see him involved here.


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