Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of October 13

Before I dive into this week’s list, I want to note that last Wednesday, October 8, was thick with science and technology content late at night.  On The Late Show, the musical guest was computer generated and computer performed.  Well, at least the lead singer was.  Hatsune Miku is called a virtual pop star, and video is perhaps the best explanation as to why.

@midnight made a rare appearance here because there was a segment prompted by some 1997 video of a how-to cybersex video.  As you might expect, the segment and the video that spawned it are NSFW.

Jimmy Kimmel aired one of his street interview segments that night (Kimmel’s Pedestrian Questions are not breaking new ground, Jay Leno called his street interview segments Jaywalking, and he was at least the third Tonight Show host to do something like it), with GMOs as the theme.  Kimmel had his interviewers ask people if they knew what GMOs were, and since this was a comedy piece and not a poll, the results cannot be considered representative.  Stories on this segment that suggest otherwise are not to be trusted.  Kimmel has done this on science-related topics before, such as this one on gluten from May.

On to this week’s interviews to watch:

Tonight Walter Isaacson is on The Colbert Report, promoting his book The Innovators, which is a history of the people who, over the course of decades, developed the pieces that contributed to the digital revolution.  On Wednesday, Nicholas Hoult sits down with Conan O’Brien.  His newest film, Young Ones, is set on an Earth where water is much more scarce than it is today.  On Thursday, Egyptologist Kara Cooney returns to see Craig Ferguson.  The week closes with Jessica Chastain’s appearance on The Late Show.  While she does have a film premiering this month, she is in the upcoming science fiction film Interstellar, which revolves around an attempt to use a wormhole to find a new planet for humans to live.  Dave may bring that up.



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