Ada Lovelace Day Now Comes With Opera

October 14 is Ada Lovelace Day, commemorating the life and work of women in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) professions.  Ada Lovelace, also known as Countess Lovelace, was a 19th century mathematician whose analysis of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine helped inform the development of the earliest computers about a century later.

In New York City, one of the commemorations of Ada Lovelace Day involves an opera on her life.  Called Ada, selections will be performed on October 14.  The full opera tracks the arc of Lovelace’s life, with emphasis on her work with Babbage.  Here’s a selection from earlier in the opera’s development.

There’s more about the event in New York on the opera’s Facebook page.  It’s not clear to me how close the opera is to a full production, but I hope it’s soon.

3 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace Day Now Comes With Opera

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