Innovation Television Is *Not* Limited To PBS

How We Got To Now starts on PBS next week (October 15), and I’ve already written about it at length.  But there are other new programs to see related to innovation.

Innovation Nation is a new program in the CBS Network’s Dream Team. Hosted by Mo Rocca, and Alie Ward, the program airs weekends on CBS stations, and is available online.  It premiered the weekend of September 27.  The Henry Ford (the parent organization of The Henry Ford Museum) is the named sponsor.  Here’s a trailer:

Host of Dirty Jobs and champion of the skilled trades Mike Rowe has a new program premiering October 8.  Somebody’s Gotta Do It will seem very familiar to fans of Dirty Jobs, though the focus is not exclusively on ‘dirty’ jobs and the people who work them.  Regrettably, CNN’s video from the program, at least prior to the series premiere is awkward to access (at least for me).  Watch Rowe promote the program here:

The program may air on CNN outside of the United States, but I cannot confirm that at the time.

Last, but not least, there’s a webseries from a medical historian.

Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris specializes in the history of early surgery.  Her series Under the Knife looks at tools and techniques of surgery before anaesthesia (how did we make do with so much less?).  She augments her presentations with drawings and computer generated animation.  If the mention of surgery wasn’t enough to warn away the squeamish, this opening video might take care of it.

If short videos on early surgery aren’t enough for you, Fitzharris also runs The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, a website devoted to the topic.  If you really enjoy her work, think about sending some love her way.  Nobody does good history on the cheap, much less free.  (Or policy analysis, but that’s a separate discussion.)

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