Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 29

I know it’s a weird week for late night science and technology when the latest of programs leads the list.  On tonight’s edition of Last Call, Carson Daly has a segment on Neil Harbisson, a cyborg artist.  He has an antenna implanted in his skull which enables him to hear images and see sounds.

In other listings, there’s aren’t that many this week.  Lynn Sherr is on The Colbert Report Thursday night.  Her latest book is a biography of astronaut Sally Ride.  Joseph Califano, an expert in substance addiction, will be on The Talk on Friday.  There are two guests that I would ordinarily not list as they are a chef and an animal expert.  Those segments tend to be more about hijinks than any meaningful sharing of knowledge.  Chef Jamie Oliver visits Stephen Colbert tonight, and animal expert Dave Salmoni puts up with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday.

There are several segments that aired recently with science and technology content.  The usual suspects are well represented.

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