Help Pave The Way To A Tesla Museum

Matthew Inman is the force of nature known as The Oatmeal.  While his webcomic does not focus on science and technology as much as, say, xkcd does, Inman and The Oatmeal are certainly fans.  In particular, Inman is firmly on team Nikola Tesla in the persistent debate over who was ‘better’ – Tesla or Thomas Edison.  The latest salvo comes with the assistance of musician Sarah Donner, who helped Inman put together this video (some may not care for the language, but I love the sentiment):

This is a promotion for the second phase of The Oatmeal’s fundraising campaign for a U.S. Tesla museum.  Inman already raised over $1.3 million to purchase the land where Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower once stood.  Now the focus is on renovating the existing building and cleaning up the site.  In what can be seen as a win-win scenario, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has contributed $1 million to the effort (and the museum will have a Tesla Supercharger in the parking lot), with a challenge to the rest of us to open our wallets.

In a move typical of more conventional fundraising efforts, contributors can have text of their choice (within reason) inscribed on a brick that would be installed on the museum grounds.  bricks start at $125.  For those who need to contribute at smaller levels, there are some t-shirts and sweatshirts available at Teespring. For each item sold, at least $15 will be contributed to the museum.  You can get your clothing until October 13th, and reserve your bricks until November 8th.

Money raised as of this posting – in excess of $340,000.  At this rate, the good brick spots are going very fast indeed.