Google Science Fair Winners Once Again Span The Globe

Earlier this week Google announced the winners in its fourth annual Science Fair.  A truly global affair, entrants to the Fair submit their projects online and 18 finalists were recognized at Google’s headquarters for their efforts.

The top three winning teams were from Ireland, Canada and the United States.  A trio of Irish 16 year-olds took top honors for their work on bacteria for aiding in cereal crop growth.  A 17 year-old Canadian was tops in the 17-18 year-old division for her work on exploring the applicability of sand filters to biodegrading oil sands contaminants (the project also received special recognition from local area judges).  A 14 year-old from Pennsylvania won in the 13-14 year-old division for his work on fruit-fly inspired robotics.

Aside from the winners in each of the age divisions (one of which is always the Grand Prize winner), there are three other competition-wide prizes.  The Computer Science Award (new this year) went to the 14 year-old roboticist who won his age division.  The Science In Action Award (sponsored by Scientific American) recognized a 15 year old from New York who developed a wearable sensor that will help caregivers by warning when their patients are mobile.  The Voters’ Choice Award recognized a 15 year old finalist from India who has developed a breath-to-speech device that can assist those with disabilities to speak.

Congratulations to all the entrants, and the winners.  You can sign up for notices about the 2015 Google Science Fair and follow the competition year round.