Latest MacArthur Fellows Include Scientists And Engineers

This week the MacArthur Foundation introduced its latest class of Fellows.  Unofficially the Fellows receive the ‘genius’ grants – unrestricted five-year awards totalling $625,000.  The Fellows represent a variety of disciplines and fields, and most are unfamiliar to the general public.  Of the twenty-one Fellows this year, more than one-third are engaged in work involving science and/or technology.  Those eight Fellows are:

Danielle Bassett – physicist working on the brain.
Tami Bond – environmental engineer focused on black carbon and its interaction with the atmosphere.Jennifer Eberhardt – social psychologist examining associations and biases in race and crime.
Craig Gentry – computer scientist working on cryptography.
Mark Hersam – materials scientist researching nanomaterials.
Pamela Long – historian of science and technology describing how technology and craft are embedded in the larger social culture.
Jacob Lurie – mathematician working on the development of derived algebraic geometry.
Yitang Zhang – mathematician accomplished in analytic number theory.


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