How We Got To Now Almost Is At Now

It is almost one month to the day before How We Got To Now, Steven Johnson’s program on innovation and their histories, premieres on PBS (a BBC co-production, it should be available contemporaneously in the U.K.).  Johnson is a web entrepreneur and science writer, and this is not his first work engaged with the history of science and technology.

Prior to the October 15 debut, the tie-in book will be released.  There will also be an innovation hub linked to the program.  Back in April it was announced that the Knight Foundation would support the effort to the tune of $250,000.  The hub is intended to foster innovation in communities, trying to replicate the coffeehouses and salons where people met to share ideas and foster innovation during earlier eras.  What might be special about this hub, and how it might distinguish itself from similar spaces, might be its emphasis on civic spaces.  But that probably won’t become clear until the show (and the hub) launch next month.