Coming Soon To NBC, A Workplace Comedy Involving Space

Mission Control is a comedy pilot picked up by the NBC network for airing in the U.S. sometime midseason.  Taking place in the 1960s, it focuses on a female aerospace engineer who manages a team of NASA scientists.  The conflict in the program comes from her having to deal with a new co-manager, a former test pilot.

The two leads are Krysten Ritter and Tommy Dewey.  What I’m really excited about is the presence of Malcolm Barrett and Jonathan Slavin in supporting roles.  They played research scientists in the criminally underappreciated Better Off Ted.  That program was a comedy set in a modern-day research and development company.  The satire there, as I suspect it will be in Mission Control, was focused more on the work environment than on the science and/or technology involved.

While new programs will be rolling out over the next few weeks on the broadcast networks, Mission Control will debut later in the season.