If You’ve Already Read Hieroglyph, Here’s Some More For Tomorrow

Hieroglyph is new to the game when it comes to science fiction projects developed with stimulating innovation in mind (here’s an excerpt if I haven’t been sufficiently persuasive about the project).  MIT Technology Review has been at it, and for longer, as Motherboard let me know recently.

This year the magazine has published its third science fiction issue/edition, called Twelve Tomorrows.  The 12 stories come from top-flight science fiction authors, with an emphasis on on both the future technologies and the consequences they encourage.

For what it’s worth, Twelve Tomorrows is cheaper (being a magazine and all), but both it and Hieroglyph are available in electronic and dead tree editions, and should prove good fodder for forward-looking reflection on science and technology policy.  (You can also order the previous editions of Twelve Tomorrows)