Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 8

Added September 10 – Kunal Nayyar, who plays a scientist on The Big Band Theory, will be on Conan Thursday night.

Original Post

Well, the summer repeats are over.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we should expect more science and technology guests, just that there are more new shows.

The newest kid on the late night block, Seth Meyers, returns to these posts.  On Tuesday he will host Jeff Kluger, science and technology reporter at TIME.  On Thursday, Harry Connick, Jr., who plays a marine veterinarian in Dolphin Tale 2, will visit with Seth.  (Connick will appear on Ellen this Friday.)  Also on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel will talk with Connick’s co-star Morgan Freeman.  Freeman plays a prosthetic researcher in the film.

In non-guest late night content, once again recent episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have something to offer.  On August 5, The Daily Show covered the Ebola outbreak.  That same day, The Colbert Report covered a translation program that used elderly Americans to assist Brasilians with their English, by way of videoconference.

The last personnel change in American late night, for now, has been finalized.  James Corden will take over for Craig Ferguson on The Late, Late Show sometime in 2015.  Ferguson’s last original program is December 19th.  With no sense of what Corden has planned for his show, it’s hard to say how he might approach science and technology content or guests.  Corden is from England, and has experience hosting panel shows in the United Kingdom, in addition to his acting work.



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