Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 1

It’s Labor Day in the United States, so most shows are on repeats.  With this week’s repeats, there’s a double dose of Michael Sheen.  Sheen currently plays sex researcher William Masters on the Showtime drama Masters of Sex.  His recent appearances on Conan and The Colbert Report are both on this evening (Monday).  Depending on your time zone and cable operator, the shows do overlap, though Sheen’s interview segments may not.

The science and technology guest of note this week is on The Colbert Report Wednesday night.  Randall Munroe, writer and artist behind the xkcd webcomic, will be there to promote his latest book, What If?  This work is a collection of illustrated explanations of the ‘absurd hypotheticals’ mentioned in the books subtitle.  For instance, could a person walk the entire city of New York in his or her lifetime?  The book includes material not on the website, and is available through your typical purveyors starting tomorrow, September 2.

One of the games on @midnight last week was claimed to be inspired by the anniversary of Scientific American (the specific anniversary year – 169, was not mentioned on air).  The game is #HashtagWars, which is a Twitter game based on a theme.  The theme was #RuinAMagazine, and winners will be recognized tomorrow, with the top entry named on the show.  Video is online, but it is certainly NSFW.  If you don’t believe me, read the URL.