LA Theatre Works Helps Bring The Science Play To You

L.A. Theatre Works makes a large number of their works available via audio.  Its Relativity series (H/T Scirens) is a collection of (at this writing) 25 plays with science and technology either as themes and/or as forces driving the action of the play.  You’re certainly familiar with War of the Worlds, and you may have heard of the plays Arcadia and Copenhagen.  The science covered in these plays is from a number of different fields, and some works will try to engage the audience on the social implications of how science is conducted.  The casts have many familiar faces as well.

The series is supported with the help of the Sloan Foundation (at least one of the works, Photograph 51, was commissioned by Sloan).  You can access free audio for each of the plays through the series website.  While L.A. Theatre Works offerings are available (often for free) through other podcast sources (and radio affiliates), I think the website may be the best way to access the Relativity Series.  But I would recommend poring through other L.A. Theatre Works offerings for science and technology influenced works – like Proof – that are not part of the Relativity series.

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