Delaware Sets Law To Deal With Digital Records Post-Mortem

The state of Delaware recently passed a law that could provide a boost to the services that help maintain digital assets after death.  It follows on suggested text approved by the Uniform Commission on Laws.

The need for this wasn’t obvious to me in earlier posts on the subject, as I figured directives to relatives and/or representatives could address the matter of accessing online accounts, blogs, etc.  But access is just one part of the matter.  The extent of one’s digital collection is usually larger than expected – even to the decedent.  And many of the items in that collection are more than information.  Being able to transfer, download or otherwise take hold of the photos, recordings, and other content can be just as meaningful to the family as the financial accounts that might be more top of mind.

Delaware is but one state of 50, so for now most of us will need to take our own steps, through powers of attorney or similar directives, to make sure digital assets and accounts are addressed.  And then tell your relatives.


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