National Book Festival Gives Science Its Own Pavilion

The USA Science and Engineering Festival typically has a pretty healthy section on books, so I’ve not paid the National Book Festival as much mind as I have in the past.  This year it takes place at the Warren E Washington Convention Center in Washington on August 30 starting at 10 a.m.

Because the Book Festival is general interest, the offerings any given year may or may not warrant a special pavilion for science and/or technology.  But for this year the Festival has a Science Pavilion with nine authors presenting and signing.

Amanda Ripley – her latest book focuses on American children going through the education systems in the South Korea, Poland and Finland.

Sally Satel – A psychiatrist, her latest book focuses on the overselling of neuroscience.

Paul Bogard – He has written extensively on the light and darkness, both artificial and natural.

Lynn Sherr – A broadcast journalist, her latest book is a biography of Sally Ride.

Eric Cline – An anthropologist, Cline’s latest book focuses on the end of Bronze Age civilizations.

David Sibley – The ornithologist is promoting a new edition of his field guide on birds.

Michio Kaku – The theoretical physicist and ever-present talking head has a new book on neuroscience.

David George – The psychiatrist and internist will speak on his book about emotions and neuroscience.

Adrienne Mayor – An historian of ancient science, Mayor’s latest book concerns historical accounts and legends of warrior women.

Besides the Science pavilion, the science and technologically inclined may find some of the Library of Congress’s pavilion offerings of interest.  They include presentations on Braille, electronic books and copyright.


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