So There’s A Strategy For American Innovation

Back in September 2009 the Obama Administration released A Strategy for American Innovation, a policy roadmap for establishing a long-term, well, strategy, for providing a foundation for innovation in the country that would serve it better than reliance on technology waves that can become bubbles and burst.  The three major themes of the Strategy are: Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation, Promote Market-Based Innovation, and Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities.  In short, provide infrastructure, a research base, and other tools to facilitate innovation, and try not to get in the way.

The Administration revised the strategy in 2011, and is working on another update.  To that end, The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council issued a Request for Comment.  Submissions are due by September 23.  There are 25 specific questions in the request, though comments need not be restricted to answering those questions.  The questions are organized in the following categories:

  • Overarching Questions
  • Innovation Trends
  • Science, Technology, and R&D Priorities
  • Skilled Workforce Development
  • Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship
  • Regional Innovation Ecosystems
  • Intellectual Property/Antitrust
  • Novel Government Tools for Promoting Innovation
  • National Priorities

I’d like to call particular attention to the following questions, as they could get lost in a wide-ranging request like this.

  • (6) How has the nature of the innovation process itself changed in recent years and what new models for science and technology investment and innovation policy, if any, do these changes require?
  • (11) Given recent evidence of the irreproducibility of a surprising number of published scientific findings, how can the Federal Government leverage its role as a significant funder of scientific research to most effectively address the problem?
  • (18) What investments, strategies, or technological advancements, across both the public and private sectors, are needed to rebuild the U.S. “industrial commons” and ensure the latest technologies can be produced here?

Submissions can be sent in via email, regular mail, or fax.  Check the Request for further information.

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