Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 11

The late night airwaves are thick with repeats this week, and most shows will be off for at least two weeks this month.  In repeats of note, I call your attention to this Thursday’s repeat of The Colbert Report.  James Cameron was the guest (from last week), promoting his undersea documentary.  Kunal Nayyar, who plays one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory, was on with Ellen DeGeneres earlier today, but that was a repeat from earlier in the year.

In unpublicized science and technology content, we have an unexpected discussion of human growth hormone between Conan O’Brien and Larry King on the August 6th of Conan.  In other Conan news, he and his sidekick Andy Richter appear in a series of public service announcements on water conservation.  California, where the show is based, is under a serious drought.  Here’s one of the spots, which are produced by Save Our Water and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Finally, over the weekend I binged on Going Deep with David Rees on the National Geographic Channel.  Each episode of the show focuses on deceptively simple actions, such as how to dig a hole.  By exploring all the intricacies of the topic (in a genially obsessive fashion) Rees teases out fundamental science and engineering concepts.  In a way, Going Deep reminds us how science and technology are embedded all around us.  New episodes air every Monday, and are available on Hulu for online viewing.  Here’s a clip:


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