Science Envoys Continue To Travel The World

The State Department started appointing Science Envoys back in 2009, and the men and women who have served to date have traveled to 22 different countries.  The latest Envoy to represent the U.S. abroad is Dr. Barbara Schaal, who is in Uruguay as I type.  Schaal traveled to Colombia in September 2013, and is the first Envoy to visit Latin America.  Schaal is a biology professor at Washington University and a member of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST).

At least one of her colleagues has been active since I last posted on the program.  In September 2013 Dr. Bernard Amadei convened a workshop (the first Envoy to do so) in Pakistan on science, technology and engineering for development.  Amadei is an engineering professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the founding president of Engineers Without Borders.  I have not been able to find any trips for the third Science Envoy, MIT President Emerita Susan Hockfield, since her May 2013 travel to Turkey.  Information on the Envoys is not widely publicized, so I may simply be missing something.


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