Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of August 4

The offerings are thin this week.  Given it’s summer, I can’t be terribly surprised.

Given the lack of offerings, I’ll point you to other science and technology material from the last couple of weeks.  Brit Marling was a guest with Craig Ferguson on July 30 to promote her film I Origins, in which she plays a scientist.  (I posted about the film earlier.)  A segment of the July 27 edition of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight addressed the (temporarily) lost Russian spacecraft with fornicating geckos.

This week is mostly about those who play doctors on television.  Earlier today Clive Owen was on The View.  He stars in a new Cinemax cable show, The Knick, which premieres this weekend.  He plays the chief surgeon at a major New York City hospital in the early 20th century.  On Tuesday night James Cameron sits down with Stephen Colbert.  His latest film, which is a documentary about his deep sea explorations, premieres on Friday.  On Wednesday Lizzy Caplan will visit Conan to talk about her work as sex researcher Virginia Johnson on Masters of Sex.  Caplan received an Emmy nomination for this role.  Thursday morning you can see Sasha Alexander on Live with Kelly and Michael.  She plays a medical examiner on the TNT program Rizzoli & Isles.

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