End Your July With Some Science Rap

New science raps await, courtesy of some of the usual subjects.

Tom McFadden’s Science Rap Academy tackles asthma in its latest video, which is over the Macklemore track “Can’t Hold Us.”  It focuses on the hygiene hypothesis as a possible explanation for the increase in asthma diagnoses.  I’ll let the video explain:

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, Baba Brinkman has been working on The Rap Guide to Religion.  It approaches the subject from an evolutionary perspective, and Brinkman has premiered it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Part of the show is available now for listeners as an enticement to help Brinkman fund animations for his raps.  The Kickstarter page for the project outlines the talent he has lined up, with some samples of their work.  You can also listen to two tracks from the album (if you contribute, you will receive downloads of all eight tracks).  My favorite of the two is “Religion Evolves”.

The usual assortment of rewards (copies of the album, t-shirts, custom raps) is available for whatever you’d be willing to contribute.  My past experience with supporting his projects allows me to say that he will deliver.  If you want proof, look for me at 2:53 in his video for “Artificial Selection”

The Kickstarter project started today, and will run until September 9.  The fully animated album is expected in early 2015.


2 thoughts on “End Your July With Some Science Rap

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