Elsevier Wants To Help With Your Metrics Research

The quest for better research metrics (as well as the quest for more accountable research) depends in part on available resources.  The publisher Elsevier is interested in helping out.

The company has announced a Metrics Development Program.  Researchers can apply for support in connection with primary research or the development of software tools and algorithms to capture different kinds of scientific activity and value.  The evaluation criteria strike me as pretty normal.  However, there’s no mention of the amount of available resources or whether Elsevier require any constraints on the publication and/or subsequent use of the research output.  Given the amount of data Elsevier has on research submitted to its journals, it strikes me as quite plausible that some control over the research output might be on the table.

Proposals are limited to a 1000 word project description, a link or website connected to any relevant software tools, and biographic information on the researcher(s) applying for support.  There is no announced deadline, and selected applicants will meet with senior company management before any final award.

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