Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 28

August 18 – Edited to correct Eric McCormack’s appearance, which was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, not The View.

(Original Post) This is an odd week in that the repeats have more science and technology guests than the new episodes.  Tonight on Conan you can watch Melissa Rauch’s last appearance.  She is one of the scientists on The Big Bang Theory.  On Wednesday, watch Mackenzie Davis in her May visit with Mr. O’Brien.  Davis is one of the cast of Halt and Catch Fire, an AMC series on computing in the 1980s.

In new programming, one of the stars of Manhattan, Olivia Williams, will stop by The Late Late Show tonight.  She plays a scientist who joins her husband in Los Alamos but is not part of the atomic weapons research efforts.  On Thursday, Eric McCormack will be on The View Jimmy Kimmel Live!.  He plays a neuropsychiatrist on Perception, a TNT program.

In content I didn’t post ahead of time, there’s the July 14th edition of The Colbert Report.  Besides having the fellows from Radiolab as guests, Stephen spent a segment on a dubious technical innovation called Vessyl.


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