Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 21

Most shows are back this week, but there is still plenty of catching up to do.

Before their recent break, there were some segments of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report that had science and technology content.  On June 24 The Daily Show expressed its frustration at the apparent mess of government record keeping.  While the specific case involves the Internal Revenue Service, I think the complaints can be applied government-wide.  On June 26, The Colbert Report covered the over-fortification of kids’ cereals in one of its semi-regular segments, Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger.

Then there were the scheduled guests that surprised me with talking about science or technology.  The same night The Daily Show complained about government record-keeping, actress Jennifer Esposito discussed her struggles with celiac disease.  On the July 14th edition of The Late Late Show, actor Zachary Levi talked a little bit with Craig Ferguson about how Levi is a science geek.

This week, the repeat of note is on Friday, when Late Night with Seth Meyers repeats last week’s episode that included motion capture innovator Andy Serkis.  In new programs, we start and stop with The Colbert Report.  On Wednesday the director of Underwater Dreams and one of the featured subjects visits.  The film is rolling out to theaters this month, and focuses on a team of students (who are the children of undocumented immigrants) developing underwater robots.  On Thursday, Elon Musk sits down with Stephen.  Whether it’s about spacecraft (SpaceX) or electric cars (Tesla) I don’t know.  Both are mentioned on The Colbert Report website.


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