Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 14

11:40 p.m. July 14 ETA: Michael Sheen’s appearance Tuesday night on Conan.

Original Post

The Comedy Central shows are back, but programs continue to take breaks during the summer.  Of the repeats on tap this week, none rate listing in this post.  However, old content worth noting is the June 19th segment from The Daily Show where they covered the appearance in Washington of several former Administrators of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The highlight of the week is most likely tonight’s appearance by the hosts of Radiolab – Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich – on The Colbert Report.  It could be a misunderstanding of science (and radio) for the ages.

That starts a big week for The Colbert Report.  Computer scientist Vint Cerf (currently Chief Internet Evangelist at Google) stops by on Tuesday’s program.  On Thursday’s program Steven Wise will be the guest.  He is an expert in animal rights law, and I am including him here in case Stephen Colbert asks about any scientific justification for Wise’s arguments (it was the focus of one of Wise’s books).

In other guest news, Michael Sheen, who plays Dr. William Masters on Masters of Sex, is on with Conan O’Brien Tuesday night.  Bat scientist Dan Riskin returns to creep out Craig Ferguson on Thursday night.

It’s worth noting that a new batch of MythBusters episodes started in the United States last Thursday, and should continue through the summer.


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