New Music Will Premiere With This Year’s Gödel Prize

The Gödel Prize this year is shared by Ronald Fagin, Amnon Lotem, and Moni Naor for their work on a “threshold algorithm.”  It’s considered the top prize in theoretical computer science (and yes, the award is co-sponsored by a unit of my employer).  It will be awarded this week in Copenhagen and accompanied by a world premiere musical work commissioned for the occasion (H/T Nature News) performed by a top Danish music ensemble.

The work is called “Hilbert Heartbreak Hotel” and includes a soprano vocal written by Ursula Andkjær Olsen.  The title refers to a mathematical paradox articulated by But the video below focuses on the underlying music, composed by Niels Marthinson.  The music was made in part by transposing mathematical axioms – some of those developed Giuseppe Peano to try and put mathematical and number theory onto logical foundations.


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