The AHRC Is Looking For A Few Good Projects For The Zooniverse

The Constructing Scientific Communities project of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) is looking to fund 1-4 projects.  Proposals are due July 25th, and the project is looking for proposals that would use the Zooniverse platform.  The Zooniverse is a citizen science platform focused on projects that involve human processing of large amounts of data.  Zooniverse projects have involved classification and/or transcription of massive amounts of data.  Here’s the proposal criteria, with number 3 being highly encouraged rather than essential.

  1. Merit and usefulness of the data expected to result from the project.
  2. Novelty of the problem; projects which require extending the capability of the Zooniverse platform or serve as case studies for crowdsourcing in new areas or in new ways are welcome.
  3. Alignment with the goals and interests of the Constructing Scientific Communities project. In particular, we wish to encourage projects that :
    1. Have a significant historical dimension, especially in relation to the history of science.
    2. Involve the transcription of text, either in its entirety or for rich metadata.

Funding will not be available for imaging or digitization.  The focus is on supporting use of the Zooniverse platform.  Successful proposals will need to accept that the data will eventually become public.  They will also demonstrate the inadequacy of computation methods to achieve the desired goals, demonstrating a need for human classification.

Good luck!


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