Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 30

With the July Fourth holiday on Friday, most shows are on repeats.  But many of this week’s repeats qualify for mention here.  Tonight (Monday) you can catch Esther Perel’s recent appearance with Stephen Colbert, where they discuss her research on infidelity.  On Wednesday The Late Show re-broadcasts the latest appearance by kid scientists, and earlier in the day you can catch The Talk‘s tech expert Chi-Lan Lieu.  We close the week on Friday with Dr. Richard Besser (ABC medical reporter) on The View and Jimmy Fallon’s tech expert, Joshua Topolsky visiting his program that night.

The only live broadcast of note (which was likely pre-taped) is on Thursday’s Live With Kelly and Michael.  Science Bob makes a rare-ish East Coast appearance.

I’m still (always, really) behind on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  The latest content I missed in advance was this segment from The June 10 edition of The Colbert Report.  It covers the recent story of a computer program passing the Turing test – convincing over 30 percent of judges that it was actually human.  The show then doubles-down in this segment about an android (really just a torso, since if there actually was a full-size android, the story wouldn’t break on The Colbert Report).


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