The Blog Is Knocking On Wood

As happens more often than not, I failed to note a blog anniversary on the actual date.  Last Sunday marked 5 years of Pasco Phronesis (I’d been on the now-defunct Prometheus group blog since January 2006).  I was too busy meandering the woods of southwest Pennsylvania to do much about it.  Thinking about it over the past week I’ve noted how things have felt about the same in the last 12 months.  Though there has been some shifting in the top-viewed posts (this will be #2231 in this venue), none of the top four were added in the last 12 months.

This quartet (and its predecessors) serve as an excellent reminder that the posts I might value don’t correlate to what seems popular.  If I’m inclined to chase views, it would seem that I should chase the cultural topics more than I normally do.  But the top two posts are leading by a large margin, which suggests that I can’t effectively predict what will be monster hits – at least ahead of time.

Ideally, I would like to do this as the main job, and not an interesting sideline.  But looking at the economics of online publishing, what I write isn’t likely to capture the kind of ad revenue or subscription interest that would be sustaining.  Unless I’m willing to chuck it all and commit everything to this.  There may be days where I feel like it, but I’m not there…yet.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and for providing feedback in whatever channel you like.  There is a blog email up at the top left if you’d rather not post a comment, and you can always Tweet @p_phronesis.  Let’s close with a science-ish video from the Muppets (and yes, it’s sponsored, check out that product placement).


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