PCAST Mixes Oceans, Nanotech and Microbial Resistance In Next Meeting

The President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) will hold its next public meeting on July 11 in Washington.  (For whatever reason, it seems lately that the Federal Register is a more reliable source on meeting information than the PCAST website.)  The meeting will take place between 9 and noon Eastern time, and will be webcast.  Those seeking to attend in person need to register.

While no agenda is presently available, the Federal Register notice indicates that the Council will discuss two reports in progress and hear from one panel of experts.  The reports in progress involve nanotechnology (likely the latest evaluation of the National Nanotechnology Initiative) and antibiotic resistance.  PCAST will hear from speakers on the topic of oceans policy.  Perhaps Beth Kertulla, the new director of ocean policy for the White House, will be one of the speakers.  While the Administration was recently in the news for expanding several ocean sanctuaries, I suspect the panel may be more focused on how the Implementation Plan for the National Ocean Policy (the Obama Administration is the first to establish a National Ocean Policy) is proceeding.  But that’s just mildly informed speculation.


One thought on “PCAST Mixes Oceans, Nanotech and Microbial Resistance In Next Meeting

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