The National Science Board Gets Some New Faces

The 24 member National Science Board has members with staggered terms.  Every two years 8 positions are up for appointment (Senate confirmation used to be required for all members).  Earlier this week the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced who six of the new members will be.  I’ve listed them below with their academic training.  More information on each new member is available via the NSF announcement.

John L. Anderson – chemical engineering
Roger N. Beachy – agriculture
Vicki L. Chandler – plant biology
Robert M. Groves – sociology
James S. Jackson – social psychology
Sethuraman Panchanathan – computer science

Based on the list of desired experience circulated last year, I know that at least Dr. Beachy (who helped found the National Institute of Food and Agriculture) and Dr. Panchanathan address specific areas on the list.  How well the other members address that long list may be easier to determine once the new members attend their first Board meeting in August.


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