Physics For Rock Stars Written By One (Who’s Also An Engineer)

New this week on book shelves is Physics for Rock Stars by Christine McKinley.  McKinley is very familiar with both parts of her book’s title.  She’s a mechanical engineer, and currently plays in the band Swan Sovereign.  You may have heard her in that band or in Dirty Martini, and you may have seen here in two television series: Decoded on the History Channel, and Under New York on the Discovery Channel.  Her first book follows her first Drammy award winning musical, Gracie and the Atom.  To hear her musical and scientific pursuits in one spot, there’s this recording of a recent LiveWire Radio show live from Portland.

The book is about science, but it’s also a memoir, relating how McKinley approaches physics and how it’s a meaningful part of her life.  That last part is captured, at least in part, in another LiveWire Radio performance, where she describes her Physics Cult.

Physics for Rock Stars is available now, check with McKinley’s website(s) to see when she is performing near you (chances are much higher on the west coast of the United States).


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