ISEE-3 Is Talking Again After 17 Years

The ISEE-3 Reboot Group has succeeded in establishing two-way communications with the craft.  This is the NASA satellite that was sent around the sun in the mid-1980s after completing a mission through the tail of a comet.  It should fly by the moon in August this year.

Since initial contact, the Reboot Group has been working to receive telemetry from the craft, translate it, and ensure consistent communication.  In addition, the team was able to refine its assessment of the craft’s trajectory.  It turns out it was much closer to the trajectory initially plotted for it back in 1986.  The goal is to be able to adjust the craft’s trajectory so that it can fly by the moon at an altitude of roughly 50 kilometers.  With the new calculations of the craft’s trajectory, the anticipated fuel demands have dropped significantly.  While there are no guarantees, further successes over the next 15 days so raise the chances of success for this flyby.  Of a craft that’s been in space for 36 years.



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